At JBI, we offer a large range of services to help assist all of our clients.  If there are  additional services you require but do not see listed, please don't hesitate to ask! 


Open or closed facility, day or night work, 24/7 availability of single trade or multiple trade crews with on-site supervision.


Outdoor Furniture & Equipment


Our installation services for recreational equipment includes the installation of shade structures, picnic tables and benches, play structures, trash receptacles, bike racks. and more. 




JBI is proud to have offered services to many major hotels across the United States.  We specialize in all aspects of FF&E installation services. This includes all furniture, artwork and unique or custom designed furnishings. In addition, we provide complete installation services to any style of hospitality, VIP Suites, lobby, office/public area, casino, bar, restaurant, lounge, buffet, and special function room.  Most importantly, we will work one on one with the designers and project managers to ensure that we provide the best possible professional service, that all your specific needs are met and that the entire operation runs efficiently and in a timely manner.


Malls & Outlet Stores

Our Job Site Superintendents understand the unique requirements of each location and work with corporate and store level personnel to maximize cooperation and minimize interruption of store operations.  

List of Services Provided

  • Load by Unload Sequence
  • Inspect Job Site
  • Protect Property Prior to Unload
  • Lay Rugs First
  • Place Furniture According to Space Plans
  • Unpack Accessories
  • Hang Art
  • Hang Window Coverings
  • Remove Debris 
  •  Assembly of furniture
  • Installation of new furniture
  • Post-Inspection of Property
  • Place all furniture in its designated areas 
  • Placement and set-up of all Bed Frames and Mattresses 
  • Secure and mount all Headboards 
  • Secure and mount all Artwork, Mirrors, and Bathrooms accessories 
  • Placement of all Lamps onto Night Stands and Desks 
  • Drapery 
  • Prepare a punch list of all areas, inspect and ensure everything is in order as specified for client's approval